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Choosing the right size

What’s the ideal weight for a boxing glove?

6 oz Boxing Gloves: Primarily for juniors.

8 oz Boxing Gloves: Mostly used by juniors. Suitable for petite women as well.

10 oz Boxing Gloves: The most versatile small glove for adult hands. Ideal for point boxing, bag work, and pad training. For small-handed and lighter individuals, these gloves can also be used for technical training in pair work, and for experienced individuals, even sparring.

12 oz Boxing Gloves: The all-rounder glove, generally recommended as a woman's first glove. It's suitable for various training routines. If you're uncertain about the size and intend to buy one versatile pair of gloves, opt for this or the next size.

14 oz Boxing Gloves: Mainly used for sparring, but still applicable for other boxing activities. Usually recommended as a man's first glove. From this point onwards, the weight of the gloves starts to be felt in the muscles. So, if you haven't been moving your arms more than just casual swings for a while, it's advisable to stick to these or the 12 oz gloves.

16 oz Boxing Gloves: For intense sparring among those over 80kg, and those who accidentally hit too hard, to protect the opponent from unintentional knockouts. A glove for bigger and stronger people.

User's weight and height ranges, including gender, are indicative and should not be restrictive. The right glove size is usually found after some time training and under a coach's watchful eye. As a rule of thumb, we recommend 12 oz for women and 14 oz for men to start with. If you need help selecting the right glove size, please send us a message at - we're happy to help.