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Boxing Gloves "Trivor 0.5" - Sweden

Crest Trivor 0.5 Boxing Gloves for Intense Training - Maximum Protection, Durable PU Leather, Perfect Fit and Breathable Design

  • Developed with Professionals
  • Perfect Fit from the First Training Session
  • Stay Dry, Train Harder
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Trivor 0.5?

Crest's "Trivor 0.5" Boxing Gloves, adored by over 10,000 customers, balance affordability and professional-grade quality. Unlike the "Trivor 1”, the "Trivor 0.5" incorporates high-quality PU leather, offering an economical yet quality-assured choice. Suitable for workouts or fights, these gloves represent an optimal quality-price ratio. Their elegant design and functionality make them a boxing glove purchase you'll value.

"Obviously it's not just the gear that takes your game to the next level, but with Crest’s “Trivor 0.5” Boxing Gloves I'm always able to give 100% without worrying about hand or wrist injuries, and I don't need to pull back on my punches. They are great for both sparring and working the heavy bag. They fit really well right off the bat, and feel great in your hand.” – Janne Elonen-Kulmala, Professional MMA Fighter


Quality Foam Padding: High-quality foam padding provides maximum protection and shock absorption, allowing for powerful punches and enriched training sessions.

Developed, Tested, and Approved by Professionals: The "Trivor 0.5" gloves were developed in collaboration with Finnish UFC veterans and professional boxers. Used and endorsed by them, these gloves guarantee top-tier quality and performance.

Engineered for Hard Use: Made with high-quality PU leather, the "Trivor 0.5" gloves are designed to last through hundreds of rounds, ensuring long-term durability.

Optimal Wrist Protection: A robust hook and loop closure system secures your wrists, enabling confident and powerful punches throughout your training session.

Perfect Fit: The special longitudinal arch design ensures immediate comfort and fit, eliminating the need for a break-in period.

Breathable Design: Mesh palms offer breathability, keeping your hands dry and comfortable during the most intense workouts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great product and fast delivery!

These boxing gloves are a perfect example of a great value for money case. Great out of the box feel and fit, great design and style. What not to like?!

Veeti Koivistoinen

Tosi hyvät hanskat. Tykkään kovasti.

Emma Nurmi

Erinomaisen istuvat ja mukavat hanskat (10oz)

Eleonoora Stenvall
Great gloves

Bought these gloves a week ago and they are great. Good, snug fit, stable and comfortable. Delivery was reasonable too. Highly recommend


Sattuu käsiin. Jos olisi mahdollisuus palauttaaa hanskat palauttaisin. En suosittele kenellekkään!! Hanskoja ei voi käyttää. Rystyset menee!