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Crest MMA Gloves "Rimo 0.5"

Take your performance to the next level with RIMO 0.5 MMA gloves, providing superior protection for every strike.

  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Thick padding for maximum protection
  • Tested and approved by professionals
  • Rimo 1 Rimo 1
  • Rimo 0.5 Rimo 0.5
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These excellent MMA gloves approved by The Finnish Mixed Martial Arts Federation can be used for practicing as well as fights. The gloves are made of high quality PU leather and they protect your hands from harder blows, too. The thick padding on top of the knuckle allows for safe sparring.

The gloves have been improved from the previous model: the padding is more rounded and it has been moved closer towards the knuckles. An excellent purchase for all MMA fighters!

  • High quality PU leather
  • Approved by Mixed Martial Arts Federation
  • Safe to use – excellent padding


Equipment favored by Finland's largest combat sports organizations