Boxing gloves

Collection of quality Crest boxing gloves

Boxing Gloves - Find the Perfect Gloves for Your Needs

Crest - Professional Fighting Gear is a brand that offers high-quality training gear for combat sports. We are renowned for manufacturing products made by professionals and tested by hundreds of top athletes from different backgrounds, which is why our products are the top choice for many athletes. Crest boxing gloves have been developed and tested in collaboration with professionals, so you can be confident that the gloves are of high quality and guarantee an excellent training experience.

Children's Boxing Gloves - Safety and Comfort as a Priority

Children's boxing gloves are a vital piece of equipment for young boxers, as they provide a top-notch feel right from the first training session, ensuring a great experience in the long run. Crest's children's boxing gloves feature a specially thick and soft padding on top of the knuckles, ensuring excellent protection and performance.

Women's Boxing Gloves - How to Choose the Right Gloves

We offer a wide selection of boxing gloves designed to fit all boxers, regardless of gender or skill level. Women should pay attention to glove size, fit, and materials to find the perfect pair that meets their specific needs. Choose the women's boxing gloves that are right for you and experience the joy that boxing brings!

Boxing Gloves Price - How to Choose the Best Gloves for Your Budget

The price of boxing gloves varies based on their quality, materials, and features. It is important to find a good balance between price and quality to get the best gloves that fit your budget and needs. Compare different models and price ranges to find the boxing gloves that offer you the best protection and experience in training.

Quality Boxing Gloves - Invest in Quality and Enjoy the Benefits of Boxing

High-quality gloves provide excellent impact absorption, durable and high quality materials, and a proper fit for the user. Good boxing gloves support every boxer's training and help achieve the best possible performance. Remember to take into consideration your own needs, glove size, model, and materials when choosing the boxing gloves that are best suited for you.

Boxing Glove Sizes - Understand the Meaning and Purpose of Different Sizes

Boxing glove sizes are determined by their weight. Different sizes are designed for different weight classes and purposes. The smallest sizes, 6 oz and 8 oz, are suitable for young and lightweight boxers, while 10 oz is suitable for medium-sized individuals. The most commonly used size is 12 oz gloves, which fits many boxers across different weight classes and skill levels. Larger sizes like 14 oz and 16 oz provide additional protection and padding, making them ideal choice for heavier boxers.