Crest Boxing Gloves "Pico 0.5" | Black/Gold
Crest Boxing Gloves "Pico 0.5" | Black/Gold
Crest Boxing Gloves "Pico 0.5" | Black/Gold
Crest Boxing Gloves "Pico 0.5" | Black/Gold
Crest Boxing Gloves "Pico 0.5" | Black/Gold

Crest Boxing Gloves "Pico 0.5" | Black/Gold

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Unlock your potential with "Pico 0.5" Boxing Gloves.

Meet the ultimate high-end boxing glove, specifically designed to withstand the hardest sparring sessions.

Tested and created together with professional athletes. From the most well known Finnish UFC fighters, to professional boxers, Team Crest's athletes demand the best. We make the same gloves for you as we make for them. Every detail counts, no matter if you're a professional athlete or someone who enjoys training only once in a while. We take great pride in our whole process of product development as well as the end result. That's why we are the leading combat sports equipment brand in Finland.

"Pico 0.5" is the perfect glove for sparring and hard training sessions. Created especially for athletes who want to get the most out of every single training session, without worrying about injuries.

Designed to offer maximum comfort without a compromise on power!

"Pico 0.5" glove offers excellent protection, an improved wrist support using innovative rubberband technology keeping your wrist in a natural position at all times. These gloves have a thick and soft padding on top of the knuckles, enabling hard contact. Made from high-quality PU leather and is fastened with firm Velcro.

This glove remains one of the "best value for money” pieces of equipment we have to offer.

Naturally, the appearance is classy, and the gloves are designed for sparring but are also well suited for punching a heavy bag or all kinds of partner drills. A boxing glove purchase you won’t regret!

Simply put, we believe we have succeeded in designing and producing one of the best, most comfortable and most ergonomically correct boxing glove on the market. We are confident that you will love the custom fit, the protection and most importantly the transmission of power that you are looking for in a glove designed for the hardest sessions.

A great choice for a professional quality glove with affordable price.

Why choose us?


Crest products are designed to offer the best performance in both training and competition environment


Products are a result of strong established cooperation with elite athletes whoare involved in our product development


At Crest we aspire to be a positive force by strengthening the  community, treating everyone equally and by taking our   responsibilities seriously