Crest Boxing Gloves "Trivor 1"

Crest Boxing Gloves "Trivor 1"

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Finding the perfect boxing glove suited for your needs can be challenging. Especially as a beginner. Don’t waste anymore time browsing because Crest's very own "Trivor 1" is the perfect glove for beginners as well as people who already have tons of training experience. There are many reasons why "Trivor 1" Boxing Glove has been our best selling product with over 10,000 pairs sold over the years. Men, women and youth love our products because of the slick and simple design, great quality and our reputation among customers as well as professional fighters from different backgrounds.

Crest's "Trivor" Boxing Glove series was created to give you professional gear at entry level affordability. Our gloves keep your hands snug and protected inside, with many colour & design options to choose from on the outside.

These are excellent boxing gloves for working out as well as fights! The quality-price ratio doesn’t get better than this. The top is of high-quality leather and is fastened with firm Velcro.

Naturally, the appearance is classy, and the gloves are suited for punching a heavy bag as well as your opponent. A boxing glove purchase you won’t regret!

•【Excellent Protection】"Trivor 1" Boxing Gloves have a strong layer of high quality foam padding that sufficiently protects your hands and knuckles by providing maximum cushioning and shock absorption. It also allows you to punch with more power and enjoy training more fully, as it absorbs some of the force of impact. So you get the most out of every single training session.

•【Tested by Pros, Created for You】From Finnish UFC veterans, to professional boxers, Team Crest's athletes demand the best. We make the same gloves for you as we make for them. Built for Hard Use: Engineered leather construction to take you through hundreds of rounds. "Trivor 1" glove will age well and be in your gym bag for years to come.

•【Feel the Impact, Not the Pain】Get every ounce of power from your punches, without paying for it the next day. Protect Your Wrists: A powerful hook and loop closure system means you won't have to pull back on your punches because you’re worried about your wrists. Once you tighten these straps, you’re set for the whole training session.

•【The Perfect Fit】You don’t spend months breaking these gloves in! Special longitudinal arch design will make you feel like you’ve been wearing these all along. Mesh palms allow your hands to breathe while working your hardest, keeping your hands more dry and clean.

Customer Reviews

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Trivor 1

Tosi laadukkaan oloinen hanska (pari kertaa sparrattu). Nämä eivät ole 16oz koossakaan mitkään "maalivahdin patjat", vaan pehmuste on sijoitettu hyvin oikeisiin kohtiin. Ovat myös sisältä napakan kokoiset ja istuvat hyvin ainakin omiin käsiini, jolloin vammojen mahdollisuus pienenee, kun hanska ei "hölsky". Jos on tosi isot nyrkit, niin en tiedä ovatko sitten ahtaat...? Mutta minulle siis tosi hyvät ja hintansa väärti kyllä, jos vain kestävät pitkään, kuten uskoisin.

Harri Lämsä
Crest Boxing Globes Trivor 1

Todella hyvät ja istuvat hanskat. Ei voi kuin suositella.


Hyvä hanska. Toppausta hyvin rystyspinnalla ja käden saa hyvin nyrkkiin. Ainoa miinus tulee tarrasta, joka pitää vähän huonosti pidemmän käytön jälkeen.

Viivi H.

Good quality, perfect fit!

Vesa K.

Hyvät hanskat, hinta-laatusuhde kohdillaan. Nämä ollut nyt käytössä parisen kuukautta, ei tarvitse uusia ihan heti

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